Art for the sake of Art

Art for the sake of Art

Art for the sake of Art

Including art in our lives is crucial as it makes us feel alive. The tendency of conducting cultural events, especially those of arts, is an asset as it draws people’s attention to the importance of culture in daily lives. 

How to make life bearable ? Do art !

Accordingly, Tfanen days is a stimulus cultural program that took place on May 9h-10th, in the city of culture of Tunis and to which the access was free.

Financed by the European Union National Institutes for Culture(EUNIC), and 

implemented by the British Council, Tfanen days’ main objective was to boost creativity and innovation, as it works on strengthening social cohesion locally, regionally and nationally.

What is the event about?

 The event’s main  focus was directed on 5 core themes: identity, youth, heritage, environment, and territory. 

There were exhibitions of artists, creations and many other performances like FAWASSELS, a mix of slam and Hip-Hop music performances, a mixture of 24 fragrances presented by Mohamed Ali Kammoun and other artists from around the 24 provinces.

 The event closed May 11, 2022. During the closing speech, the ambassador of the European Delegation in Tunisia  Marcus Cornara explained that this project is among the promising projects of the European Union in Tunisia, and the organization of this cultural event aims to boost the cultural activities locally and regionally.

Nesrine Jeddi
Nesrine Jeddi

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