Financial independence, what is it about?

Financial independence, what is it about?

Financial independence, what is it about?

How youth, nowadays, are being responsible for their future ? standing up for their lives?

There has been, always, less attention to working and relying on one’s self. As the atmosphere we have been raised in has never brought this talk to the table. As such new generations become more responsible for their future, and their needs. Generations should be  building their personal estate and property. Worth mentioning that school does not teach independence, and self-reliance. Do they tell you how to own an asset? Become an entrepreneur ? earn money? 

Technology development made the majority of tasks flexible and accessible. As the majority of  institutions or platforms offer workshops, webinars that are held whether online or in presence. Many themes are brought to the fore: to discuss in depth and to share both theory and practice with everyone. Consequently, people find themselves interested in such training as they are a long – term investment, e.g entrepreneurship, investment, project management, marketing etc. Therefore these trainings boost people’ capacities and credentials. So why not invest this knowledge ? transforming theory into practice.

However, besides academic studies students go for part time jobs. As they work to meet their own needs such as: financing their studies, traveling, hanging out, and so on and so forth. Remote work is the up to date solution of many companies, so that it helps in managing both studies and work.

What is fascinating about the newly coming generation is they are standing for their lives. The latter eradicated the stereotypical social construct. How? By relying on themselves, they became boundless and opportunity creators. For autonomy enhances independence, self-development, and self-reliance. All these attributes shed the light on RESPONSIBILITY. In other terms, being responsible means investing in one’s self, looking for opportunities, and widening the spectrum of achievements. Dreaming, believing and achieving. Hence, financial independence has become a widespread notion. For this reason, society has to encourage the next generations to build up themselves both morally and financially. Stand up for yourselves, believe in your ideas and create the life you desire !

As the American entrepreneur Bill Gates says ‘’Television is not real life. In real life, people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.” The real world needs potential, work and interests. What are you waiting for? 

Thus, these are some suggestions on how to become financially independent:

  • Become a freelancer.
  • Start one’s own business.
  • Self investment in educational workshops. 
  • Start a startup, whether : writing articles, photography.
Nesrine Jeddi
Nesrine Jeddi

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