Tunisian money transfer start-up “Flow” to launch soon

Tunisian money transfer start-up “Flow” to launch soon

Tunisian money transfer start-up “Flow” to launch soon

You are an immigrant and you want to transfer money to your family? Do you have a relative living abroad and want to send money to him or her in a simple, fast and low-cost way? Flow Wallet is the ideal solution for you!

Flow: an innovative money transfer solution

Flow is a Tunisian start-up specialised in money transfers between international and African countries. So far, you may think that banks and other financial solutions provide this service, which has been used for decades. But those who have tried to transfer money through these traditional methods will tell you about the difficulties they face every time: high commissions charged by the donor’s bank, the receiver’s bank and the central banks involved, long queues in front of post offices, not to mention the time it takes to transfer and check the files and the transfer limits. This is where Flow comes in with its revolutionary solution that can change the daily life of African immigrants.

What is the added value of Flow?

Several features will be available to the user.

Firstly, you can transfer money between Flow accounts instantly, without being cheated and in a simple way. It is important to note that local transfers are free while international transfers cost less than 1%.

Furthermore, you can easily make online and in-store payments with your Flow Wallet and exchange currencies and crypto-currencies in seconds.

And finally, you can deposit and store your assets securely in your Flow account just like you do with your bank.

For more details on these features and a comparison with the current means in Tunisia, we invite you to visit the Flow website at this link: https://flow-wallet.com/fr

Which geographical areas are concerned by this solution?

For the moment, the launch of Flow covers 3 African countries, namely Morocco, Ivory Coast and Senegal. On the international side, the solution concerns France. The choice of these geographical areas was based mainly on the large number of immigrants from these African countries residing in France as well as other regulatory constraints. However, in the future, the Flow team hopes that their solution will see the light of day in Tunisia as well as in other African countries and be implemented in other countries in Europe and in other continents where immigrants will be more than happy to use it.

The collaboration with our Yaluna team:

The series is called Run the Numbers, the principle is simple: we take numbers and financial indicators and apply them to everyday life to see their impact.

In this saga, we have chosen the sum of 100 euros, which is equal to the transfer costs of 1000 euros between Europe and Africa.

Through a series of actions carried out in collaboration with Yaluna, Flow wanted to highlight the importance of this sum. (100 euros in France = 326 TND in Tunisia). The videos were shot between Tunis and Paris.

Below is the link to the collaboration video: https://www.facebook.com/Flowallet/videos/664081351446891/

It is essential to specify that Flow is a 100% Tunisian solution that deserves encouragement and respect from all. This youth that never ceases to amaze us proves once again that it is capable of doing incredible things.

Aziz Hachana
Aziz Hachana

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