What about reforming the educational system ?

What about reforming the educational system ?

What about reforming the educational system ?

A picture, taken by a teacher, of pupils holding up their certificates went viral on the internet. It shows that some kids don’t have good grades, and they looked ashamed.

Many internet users protested this teacher’s picture and used this as a chance to manifest against the current educational system and shout out for a change.

Education is the process of learning facts and developing skills. The ultimate goal of education is to help an individual navigate life and contribute to society once they become older. That is why consistent, rich and good education is crucial to sustain life, maintain a healthy mindset and personality. 

Therefore, this article is going to provide some reforms that could be included to have a constructed, and healthy educational system, as well-balanced learners.

Failure is part of success, isn’t it ? 

School does not teach self-worth and self-love. It does not teach that failure is part of success, that one must commit mistakes in order to learn from them. They keep telling us that success is compulsory, to the point where our brains become used to that, and fall in that pattern. However, when failing the brain refuses that result as it got used to that idea and by extension this affects morally oneself view. Thus, when committing mistakes and failing, we perceive ourselves as a  ‘’loser’’ unable to succeed, worthless, and ineffective. As a result, this creates a complex of inferiority, self-loathing, and low self-esteem that grows within our mindset. As Robert Kiyosaki highlights in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad “In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling. If we never fell, we would never walk.”

Did they ask what are we interested in?

The philosophy of the herd that everyone should think in conformity in an orthodox manner is to be canceled, as everyone is God’s creation. Every soul has its way, special touch, and uniqueness. In addition to  busy schedules such as no time allowed to practice hobbies, no renovated subjects, we find ourselves stuck in repeated patterns. Hence, it becomes a ‘’toxic’’ system, where we find ourselves ‘’drowning’’ in toxicity, unable to think creatively. In this regard, Pablo Picasso said ‘’Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.’’ As mentioned, every child is born with a sense of creativity and innovation, what matters is keeping that light of boldness. Paradoxically, when growing up, schools’ systems absorb and ‘’turn off’’ that igniting flame. It appears through killing a child’s spirit through drills, assertive tasks and following the norms of thinking. Not only that, but parents also have to teach their children how to free their thoughts and have their own perspective. As a child shouldn’t feel pressed and oppressed: it means a child has the right to answer, to speak his mind, and express his vision.

Childhood trauma caused by school system

We do know the powerfulness of a word, mainly destructive, affects us personally and awfully. As many of us went through childhood trauma caused by teachers. Consequently, the trauma extends with time, and it grows within us. For example, when we do our best, but we don’t manage to succeed, we blame ourselves and loath ourselves. We fall into low self-esteem and picture ourselves as incapable. That is why childhood has a say in our self being and our way of processing things. As a matter of fact, teachers should be cautious and treat pupils as humans and not destroy or kill their spirit of thinking.

Only Study to get the ‘’best’’ average 

Mostly all learners study by absorbing all the material and then sit for the exam. This way only the short term memory is activated, as we have two types of storing information: with the long term memory which is long-lasting and durable, whereas, the short one is limited and briefly activated for a short period then all the material stored will ‘’evaporate’’. This system forces the students to grow and become ‘’dull’’unable to think creatively, as a result they find themselves stuck in the circle of studying only to get an average. 

What are the necessary reforms that should be applied?

  • Analysis and Discussion should be present, so students find themselves actively engaged in learning.
  • Allow students to choose a subject and express themselves freely.
  • Inclusion of critical thinking as a subject where students speak up their minds, broaden their spectrum of thinking and exchange ideas.
  • Leading workshops on soft skills and hard skills. 
  • Make studies easy to start and fun to do through applying digital and up-to-date techniques.
  • Implement mental guidelines in schools with reference to the help of professionals: psychotherapists,  as they have to  be present, so the child feels well surrounded.

Accordingly, applying these reforms could lead to changes as well contribute in building a well-educated society with healthy and balanced personality.

Nesrine Jeddi
Nesrine Jeddi

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